JANUARY 15th 2020

Departing Hakuba : 3pm
Arriving back in Hakuba : approx. 1Am


Nozawa's most famous festival, held on January 15th every year, is a must-see cultural experience. Here fire erupts in a designated area of the village where thousands gather to celebrate and pray for the well being and good fortune of the village, and to ensure a plentiful harvest for the coming year. The Dosojin festival is one of Japan's three most celebrated fire festivals, where torch bearing villagers battle against young men barricaded in a pre-built wooden fort with an aim to burn it down. This festival begins in the early evening and rages through most of the night with fire, Japanese sake and good cheer being the main focus of the evening. 

  • The buses depart from 4 locations in Hakuba: Wadano, Happo, Echoland and Goryu.

  • Departure Location 1 is Rhythm Rentals Wadano and departs at 3:00pm from the road outside the Rhythm Rentals building. Departure Location 2 is Happo Bus Terminal and departs at 3:00pm. Departure Location 3 is Echoland in front of Hakuba Base Camp and departs at 3:10pm. Departure Location 4 is Hakuba Goryu Bus Stop (on route 148 opposite Kamishiro Station) and departs at 3:15pm. Make sure you go to the departure location you have booked.

  • Customers are requested to be at their selected bus departure location no later than 20min prior to the bus departure. (Goryu bus stop please arrive 10min before bus departure)

  • Tour Cost: 13,000yen per person (Adult / Child) *Inclusive of: Transportation, English-speaking guide, tasting Oyaki steamed buns, Traditional Japanese set menu dinner and insurance.

  • Payment for the tour can be paid in credit card; only Visa or MasterCard are accepted. Please note that credit card payments can also be made over the phone at the time of reservation.

Reservations and payment need to be made at least 3 days in advance by contacting Ski Japan Holidays (English OK) by way of phone, fax or email. Tel 0261 85 8009 / Fax 0261 72 3380 / tours@japanspecialists.com

Tour Schedule
15:00 - Departs from Rhythm Rentals Wadano, Happo Bus Terminal and Hakuba Base Camp Echoland
15:15 - Depart Goryu Bus Stop (on route 148 opposite Kamishiro Station)
16:10~16:30 -Toilet Stop
18:00 - Arrive Nozawa Onsen
18:00~18:30 - Walk through village with guides, sample local delicacies and see the sights of Nozawa
18:30~19:30 - Dinner
20:00 - Fire Festival - Refer to information pack for schedule of events
22:30~23:00- Board bus
23:00 - Bus departs from Nozawa Onsen. Please see bus parking map provided on the day of the tour
00:30~01:00 - Arrive Hakuba

An authentic Japanese style dinner* consisting of various traditional dishes that use fresh seasonal and local produce to create beautifully presented cuisine. Drinks and beverages are also available and customers will need to pay for these at the restaurant.  

*Food allergy/dietary restriction request are not accepted for this tour/dinner.

Ski Japan Holidays reserves the right to change or cancel the tour; in case the minimum numbers of 17 participants to run the tour has not been reached by 5 pm one day before the tour date, the tour will be cancelled and customers receive a full refund. 

Cancellation Policy

If notice of cancellation is received 3 days (before 3:00 p.m.) or more prior to the tour date: No charge
If notice of cancellation is received 3 days prior to the tour (3:00 p.m. onwards) or no show: 100%

  • Cancellation notice out of business hours need to be sent by e-mail to: tours@japanspecialists.com

  • In case of cancellation of the tour after commencement due to natural disaster or accident, refund will not be provided.

Terms and Conditions for Agent Oraganized Tour

This document forms described in article 12-4 and 12-5 of the Japanese Travel Agency Law.  This document explaining the terms and conditions becomes biding once the contract is complete.

1. Contract for Agent-Organized Tours

1   Responsibility rests with Ski Japan Holidays operating Agent-Organized Tours (hereinafter referred to as the SJH ) whose name in full appears below and in its tour pamphlets. Customers joining such tours shall conclude an Agent-Organized Tour Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Travel Contract) with SJH .

2   SJH shall provide tour arrangements and itinerary management so that the Customer receives tour services including transport/accommodations (hereinafter referred to as "tour services") provided by transportation/accommodation operators during the tour itinerary set by SJH.

3   The content and conditions of the contract shall conform to those specified for each tour itinerary, conditions as specified hereunder, the final itinerary handed to Customers before departure (hereinafter referred to as the "Final Tour Itinerary"), and Agent-Organized Tours as described in SJH's general terms and conditions as based on the Travel Agency Law (hereinafter referred to as "General Terms and Conditions of Agent Organized Tours").

2. Application for tour contracts and their conclusion

1   The Customer shall provide information on SJH application form as required by SJH and submit the form together with the necessary reservation fee. Paid fee shall be applied to the tour Fee, cancellation charges or penalties.

2   SJH may accept applications for travel contracts by telephone, mail, facsimile and other means of communication. In such cases, the Customer shall submit the application form and reservation deposit to SJH within 3 days counting from the day when acceptance of application is confirmed. If the Customer fails to supply the required application form and fee within 3 days, the reservation shall be voided.

3   The Travel Contract shall become valid upon SJH's consent to the conclusion of the contract and receipt of the full tour fee. If tour arrangements are made by phone, the Tour Contract shall become valid upon SJH's acceptance of the tour fee as specified in the Clause 2. When Customers request tour arrangements by mail, facsimile or other communication methods, the tour contract shall become valid upon fullpayment of the Tour Fee and SJH's notification of acceptance of the tour contract. The contract for any tour request by any communication including telephone, mail, facsimile or other shall become valid as specified in Article 23-2.

4   When applying for group tour arrangements (more than 2 people), the tour contract including conclusion and cancellation of the contract shall be exchanged between SJH and the group representative.

5   The group representative responsible for the contract shall provide SJH with the name list of members by the date specified by SJH .

6   SJH shall not be responsible for any responsibilities or obligations the group representative holds in the past or in the future.

7   In case the group representative does not accompany the group, we shall consider one of the members who have been selected by the representative as the group representative who is responsible for the contract after tour starting day.

8   If the tour contract cannot be finalized due to full occupancy in seats or rooms or other reasons at booking, SJH may ask the Customer to wait until the specified date with his/her consent.
(This booking status shall be referred as " waiting" hereinafter.) In this case, the Customer shall be registered as "waiting Customer" and SJH shall make an effort to make it bookable. Even in this case, SJH shall charge the Customer the tour fee ( "Waiting" does not guarantee confirmation of booking). However, if the Customer requests SJH to release the waiting, or if the booking is not confirmed until the specified day, SJH shall return a full of the tour fee.

9   Even in case of the Clause 8, the tour contract shall be finalized at the day when SJH informs the guest of the confirmation.

10   The Customer shall notify SJH when submitting application if requiring special consideration during the tour period, SJH shall comply with such requests when feasible

3. Special Conditions of Tour Application

1   A Customer under 20 years of age traveling alone during the tour period shall provide SJH with the written consent of his/her guardian. Customers under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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